Suzie, You’ve Changed Your Tune!



Yeah. I have. You see, Suzie was (and is) the pinup alter ego of myself, however being a pinup is no longer one of the things I do frequently enough to sustain a blog and Suzie was starting to be forgotten. The problem with that was that I quite liked Suzie, she was more fun, more confident and wore nicer clothing, however, the person that I was no longer really vibed with her completely. So Suzie is getting a revamping.

Suzie is now just who I am, except more put together. She’s part goth, part pinup, and mostly comfortable. She’s a plus sized weirdo who obsesses over things for a few weeks and then drops interest, she’s a ragamuffin who’s interested in makeup and beauty. She is everything I am, and some of the things I am not.

So instead of making this a lacklustre blog on a life of pinup that can’t be sustained, this is a blog about being a plus sized woman just living. The obsessions, rants, trends, loves, hates and fears of someone trying to figure out their place in the world. It could be an awesome ride, it could also end in flames and wreckage, either way, something entertaining should happen… right?

All my love


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