A Stitch in Time – Nudes

So you know when you find something brand new to follow on instagram and you go on a follow spree and all of a sudden you’re knee deep into accounts that are all about living eco, sketching, tattoos, fitness, etc. Well I was in that kind of mood and started following stitchers and embroiderers. I was hellbent on doing it myself and reviving my childhood knowledge. I followed feminist stitchers, offensive stitchers, cute, witchy, gothy, every single type of stitcher you could think of – I followed.

One particular account caught my attention though. Erin from @nudiestitches is an incredibly talented stitcher who (as you might have gathered) stitches peoples nudie photos. I scrolled through her account. Gorgeous work after gorgeous work. Wait a minute… did that say commissions? She does commissions? Yes. Yes she does.

I ummed and ahhed about whether or not to send a nude photo to a stranger on the internet – after all, I was always taught that was a bad idea. I decided to go for it. I emailed her, asked her a few questions. She gave me a time frame, a quote and gave me some instructions to find an appropriate nude – no faces, no mirror selfies, well-lit and a photo that I felt “badass” in. I went in search of an appropriate photo. I don’t really take nudes, I didn’t see the point, I didn’t want to look at my own, so why would I take them? I looked through my boudoir photoshoot photos and I found one that I thought might worked. I cropped my face out of it and sent it over to Erin.She said that it was appropriate and off she went to design.

Erin sent me a rough design a little while later, I approved it and then Erin got to work. I got a progress shot and a couple of updates. And then all of a sudden it was on it’s way to me. It was an exciting mail day the day I got home to find that the nudie stitch had finally arrived! I ripped open the packaging (but carefully so I didn’t break anything), and then stared at it. That was me. Somebody had turned me into an artwork. It was very strange to think that about myself, that my body could be art. But there it was. And now it hangs on my bedroom door so that I can remind myself every single day that yes, my body is a piece of art and yes, it can be admired by people.

If you have never had the opportunity to get your body turned into art, I would HIGHLY recommend checking out Erin from Nudie Stitches and getting her to stitch you. She’s a genius. Check out the inspiration photo (the nude) and the artwork below.


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