Review: 1000 Pin-Up Girls


Not long ago I received a gift from a lovely friend of mine. It was a book of 1000 lovely pinups coupled together with the history of publisher Robert Harrison’s story – King of (at the time) smut.

He was the owner and creator of various “trash” magazines depicting sexy, half (and sometimes fully!) naked women doing regular every day things, as well as slightly more daring escapades. The charm of the publications was often that these were your average girl next door, and they had an innocent and wholesome charm about them.

The publications included in this book are:

  • Beauty Parade – The World’s Loveliest Girls;
  • Eyeful – Glorifying the American Girl;
  • Titter – America’s Merriest Magazine;
  • Wink – A Whirl of Girls;
  • Whisper; and
  • Flirt – A Fresh Magazine.

These magazines featured the artwork of Peter Driben, Earl Moran, and Billy De Vorrs – all three considered some of the best and finest illustrators of the Pinup world. These artworks are included in the book and it makes for some fascinating viewing that repeatedly made me jealously say “I want to be her!”


The magazines showed photographs of fetishism and bondage, as well as stereotypical ‘pinup poses’. Women fighting “sexily”, dancing, wearing French maid outfits, among other things, all appear next to comedic posts and advertisements all seeking to assist in the reader’s “pleasure”. The book also features fetish queen Bettie Page and various actresses (such as Linda Lombard).

This is a great snippet into the world of vintage smut and ‘trash’ magazines, with very few words and a whole book of photos, this makes for a very compelling coffee table book and a great addition to every vintage and pinup lover’s library!


**edited to fix spelling 

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