Vintage Vixen: Lauren Bacall



You want the sultriest woman of the silver screen? Then I’ll show you Lauren Bacall. This legendary beauty began life as a model and then hit the big time pairing with Humphrey Bogart in the film “To Have and Have Not”. These two are one of the biggest love stories of all time, immortalised in various pop songs (Key Largo, anyone?) and even has an island town named after her (code-name given by WWII US forces).


Bogart and Bacall

Bacall started her career at the ripe age of 17 on Broadway and was also crowned Miss Greenwich Village in 1942. Bacall modelled for highbrow magazines such as Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar leading to her being cast in her first movie. Effectively a shooting star Bacall was signed on to a 7 year contract and was put into training to deepen her voice (awesome fact: She was tasked with shouting Shakespeare for hours every single day. Fun.)

c67058fcdb4e17dab338b99a7eb62823--wavey-hair-lauren-bacallKnown for being a Film Noir queen she would play variants of the sultry and strong character Vivian from The Big Sleep. Bacall soon earned a reputation of being “difficult” largely due to the fact that she refused scripts that were of no interest and weren’t powerful roles to play (girl power!). Bacall has co-starred with some favourite Vixens such as Marilyn Monroe and Betty Grable, as well as some Silver Foxes such as John Wayne!

Bacall continued a fruitful career all the way up to her death in 2014, where she died of stroke.

Here’s some more fun facts about Lauren Bacall:

  1. She remained married to Humphrey Bogart until his death in 1957
  2. Frank Sinatra was romantically involved with Ms Bacall after she was widowed
  3. Her birth name was Betty Joan Perske
  4. She named her first child “Steve” after Bogart’s character in “To Have and Have Not”
  5. She has written three books!



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