Suzie, what’s this all about?

So, you might just be wondering why on earth you’re here, and what could I possibly have to write about. Well here’s my deal. Stick around and you just might find out! If you’re in a hurry and can’t wait here’s a run down of everything I want to do with this blog.

Vintage Vixens

A look into the glamorous screen icons of the past. All your favourite icons, and hopefully a few you’ve never heard of. A look into what makes them so idolised and who they’ve inspired.

Holy Pinup!

Introducing you to a brand new era of pinups. Meet some of the new up and coming talents and get to know just a little bit about them. Follow them on social media and witness their journeys onto (possible) fame and (hopeful) fortune! These ladies are sure to be worth your attention!

Events and Festivals

A review of experiences at various festivals and events throughout NSW (and maybe international!). Hopefully a few guest writers will be able to corroborate and give you an even better idea of what you’re missing out on.

Products and Shops

Have I found a new shop or product that I love? Do I have an old favourite? Am I hunting for the best new thing? You won’t know until I post it here! The great thing about being in a group of pinup friends is that I very rarely go without!

Anything else?

Maybe. I might share my love for a friend with you, visit a wicked diner, do a photoshoot and just have to share the resulting photos, or even just have an appreciation post for pizza. Anything is possible.
Well Readers, I hope this answers some of your questions, and I hope you continue to stick with me.

All my love